Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee is made up of a group of volunteer parents, who help to look after and enhance the Infant School grounds for the children.  The local council will mow the grass and trim the hedges but everything else is up to the school to care for.

The children are lucky enough to have a wonderful outdoor space available to them, but it takes a lot of work to maintain this for them and to look to continuously improve it.  The Committee are always looking for people who can give a little of their time to help. 

Some bigger projects that have been undertaken by the Committee over the last few years:

2010 - Fern garden.  This was a project to create a fern garden outside the Sensory room at the School, where it was very shaded and damp.  In the garden, there is also a log pile which has attracted lots of different mini beasts to come and frequent it.  The children love to go and see what is going on in there and what they can find.

 2011 - Redevelopment of the quiet area.  The quiet area by the main entrance was in real need of a makeover, as the seats were broken, the plants overgrown and the fence that was in place was old and rickety.  More importantly, it was blocking the dinner ladies view of the main gate into the School so it was difficult to keep an eye on who was coming and going through the gate at playtimes.  The fence was the first thing to be removed, and replaced with some new wrought iron railings which not only brightened up the ear, but allowed the dinner ladies a clear view of the gate.  Many of the overgrown plants were removed and replaced with new, brighter varieties.  The brickwork was re-pointed and the seats mended.  Much of this work had to be undertaken by contractors, but it was done with the support of the Committee to make sure that the finished result was an area the children would love to use – judging by how popular it is now, this has been achieved!

 2012 - Sensory garden - This was the biggest project to be undertaken by the Grounds Committee, with the full support of the School.  It took nearly a whole term to fully build and plant up and was officially opened in July 2012.  It can be found by the Year 1 block, but all the School will benefit from it.  It has been designed to give the children a wonderful outdoor learning space, which will use all their senses as they move around it.


As you can see, there is lots going on and that is why we need as many volunteers as possible.  Whether you can help out with one activity or all, it does not matter and there is no minimum time that you have to sign up to be a part of the group so don’t worry if you cannot commit long term.

If you are interested, please contact us:

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