Year 2 - Computing 3D Mazes

During the Autumn Term, Year 2 have been working on a three week project to create a 3D maze. They have been shown how the software works and have been given free reign to create their own design.

As part of this project the children have drawn their own game sprites, created the in game mechanics (such as sounds, movement, lives, etc) and imported the 'skin' for their walls and sky from a selection of images stored on our server. We hope you enjoy their games... even the scary ones, but please do let the children have a turn at playing them as well :)

P.S. If the children haven't included it in their instructions, use the arrow keys to move around the maze.

You can visit the games at the school's Purple Mash Displayboard by clicking this link. This displayboard has several pages of games, so please be patient while they load.

We hope you enjoyed playing these games as much as the children enjoyed making them.